About this site

ByteVortex.tech is an independent publication launched in December 2023, looking to create a community where we pick and share what fascinates us from the overwhelming deluge of information available in the modern digital world. In a society that crossed the event horizon of the technological black hole long ago, we don't want you to navigate the storm blind.

If you want to learn more details about us and our motivations behind the creation of this webzine you can follow this link:

We’re open! Now, who are we and why we made this site?
These are the “who’s” and the “why’s” of this would-be general tech-focused e-zine. Read on to find out the answers.

We want to remain independent, even from the pressures of ad publishers, so we've decided to put no ads in our content and use a subscription-based model. We're also firm defenders of online privacy, we're never going to sell your personal data, and we've carefully picked the tools to create this site and its revenue model so they won't do it either.

Our basic subscription is free! You'll have access to most of our content and deliver newsletters straight to your inbox that'll keep you up to date without worrying about missing something. Besides helping us keep this site going and self-sufficient, our paid tier will provide you access to members-only content that's either exclusive or provided on early access. We thank you for supporting our work!