The John Scalzi Collection, a Humble Book Bundle

Humble Bundle provides a great opportunity to acquire a great e-book collection from a master of literary Science Fiction

The John Scalzi Collection, a Humble Book Bundle
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Since I first discovered it, John Scalzi's work has fascinated me with his approachable style and talent. The premises of the universe of his novel Old Man's War intrigued me as much as those of other great Science Fiction classics. Among those classics, if Joe Haldeman's The Forever War and Robert Heinlen's Starship Troopers have been to your liking, surely Old Man's War will be too.

In it, his interpretation of such a monumental action as the artificial rejuvenation of human beings was both engaging and disturbing. The description of the effect this and other advanced technologies would have on military conflicts gripped me, as did the consequences of it all on human morals and psyche. This novel and all the others in this series reaffirmed my love for strong character-based narrative. Witnessing and feeling how these characters interacted with this vast and complex literary universe has been one of my best experiences in recent memories. All the questions this interaction and probable technological development raised, manage to foreground a military confrontation with other intelligent species in the universe, and this was for me another proof of Scalzi's skill and narrative strength.

Fortunately, Scalzi's literary skill extends to his non-fiction work. Visiting his blog also provided plenty of quality entertainment, at a time not too long ago when the medium was becoming saturated with low-quality offerings. This blog is so successful that it became the source for another book included in the collection, Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded. Filled with a biting humor that makes it another good reason to buy the full bundle.

Each bundle tier is fully deserving of consideration. The 1-book tier is, of course, his best known work, the perfect calling card. The 4-book bundle is the mainstay of this series, although you would miss its conclusion without the 2 books that complete it. The full bundle is without doubt the best deal, the minimum price of 18USD for 21 products includes his short stories. So that's a 90% reduction from their normal price, if the cold math is more convincing. I don't have many modern authors of whom I can honestly recommend all, or at least most, of their literary work. But this bundle reminded me that Scalzi is definitely part of that "select" group. And at the recommended price for the complete collection, this deal is a no-brainer.

Remember that all bundles allow you to adjust your contribution to give a higher percentage to the selected charity, which in this case supports a very worthy goal:

First Book is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides new books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children in need. By making new, high-quality books and resources available on an ongoing basis, First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education. For more information, visit

You can get The John Scalzi Collection: Old Man's War, The Interdependency, and more, at the following link (Disclosure, the link has a referral for our lovely contributor Cheshire. Your support, that you can also adjust from your contribution, would mean a lot to her) :

Humble Book Bundle: The John Scalzi Collection: Old Man’s War, The Interdependency, and More, by Tor
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