Weekly Newsletter # 2: Not So Weekly Edition

Second installment of our newsletter. Take a look-back to our posts during the winter holidays of 2023 and the start of 2024.

Weekly Newsletter # 2: Not So Weekly Edition
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Despite slowing down a bit on the publishing side, during the holidays season we kept working out the wrinkles and organizing the site both in the front and back ends of it. We hope this work will reflect in a regular publishing schedule of content you enjoy. During this period, we still posted some write-ups that we will feature today:

Our resident Raspberry Pi enthusiast Cheshire shared with us her set-up process for a nifty app that lets us use it as a full-featured macro board. A worthy alternative to spending serious money for a Streamdeck:

Stream-Pi, the Better Stream Deck?
Need a cheap alternative to the Stream Deck? If you have a Raspberry Pi laying around you might be in luck!

Game soundtracks and original scores are one of the most memorable art forms today. And in the case of the music of Supergiant Games' main composer Darren Korb, it has become the driving force behind the stellar works of this successful indie studio. Here you can read a brief career review for one of the most celebrated artists in gaming, and also hear some of the best examples of his work:

The Subdued Genius of Darren Korb: Leading the Way of Supergiant Games’ Peculiar Triumph
A brief look back to one of the brightest careers in game development.

The Steam Winter Sale 2023 may be over, but as sure as the Sun rises up every day, we can be certain there will be many others. You can read some of our recommendations here and wishlist them for the next sale:

Five Recommendations for the Steam Winter Sale 2023
Don’t know what to buy on this Steam Winter Sale? Follow any of our leads, or maybe pick them all up!

Our first publication in January was a complete review of Cheshire's live-stream setup. And by complete, we mean seriously getting anyone ready to stream on a rigorously strict budget. If you're thinking of live-streaming, you'll sure find her comprehensive checklist very useful to read:

To Stream or Not to Stream
Been pondering about streaming or are pretty new to the scene? Looking for some inspiration, but don’t have a lot of funds on hand? Let me give you some insight.

Our first regular series started with a thorough look at a surprisingly thought-provoking little game full of charisma and personality. If you ever asked yourself how would it be if you were employed as a Grim Reaper, you're in luck because a little Estonian studio speculated on the same thing:

The Backlog # 1: Death and Taxes
The first issue of this series is about a charming little game that makes you play the role of the Grim Reaper as an office worker.

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