Weekly Newsletter # 1: 1/Dec/2023 to 8/Dec/2023

Our first ever weekly summary. Take a look-back to our posts in the first week of December 2023.

Weekly Newsletter # 1: 1/Dec/2023 to 8/Dec/2023
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

The first week of a new venture can be a hectic one, but here we are offering you our first summary. We appreciate you for joining us and hope we can make it an interesting and exciting journey for all!

These are our featured write-ups of the past week:

If you still want to know more about why we started this project, or a bit more about who we are, our first official post is the place to find out. It's also a good link to share to anyone that could be interested in visiting our site and joining our community:

We’re open! Now, who are we and why we made this site?
These are the “who’s” and the “why’s” of this would-be general tech-focused e-zine. Read on to find out the answers.

The first content post that we had was a guide by our TTRPG loving editor, Cheshire. In it, you can learn the basics and tips on how to set up a virtual tabletop full of nifty features called Foundry. That way, you can have online D&D sessions with your distant friends!:

Running FoundryVTT Off a Raspberry Pi
If you are one of those amazing individuals who enjoy a good tabletop RPG session, have a Raspberry Pi lying around, and want to run a game of practically anything TTRPG from home, then this guide is for you.

The Game Awards 2023 just passed, come see what are they and how they came to be. Also you can now judge how wrong or accurate I was with my predictions for the winners in some major categories:

The Game Awards 2023
We take a brief look at The Game Awards’ significance in the current conversation in the gaming industry.

I review and try to understand the causes of the crisis affecting the Games as a Service model in this following editorial. And I try to envision ways the industry could evolve beyond this dilemma:

Why are Live Service Games getting worse and what will happen in the future?
We take a look at the growing crisis for the Games as a Service model and what the future spells for them

John Scalzi is one of the most remarkable Science Fiction writers in my generation. And this Humble Book Bundle is a great chance to get an equally remarkable collection of his works. Don't miss it!:

The John Scalzi Collection, a Humble Book Bundle
Humble Bundle provides a great opportunity to acquire a great e-book collection from a master of literary Science Fiction

Single Board Computers are a great piece of technology that fascinates our Cheshire with possibilities. In this guide, she tells us how to use a Raspberry Pi and a nifty app named RuneAudio to create our own media player. With it, we can replace our old stereo systems or avoid buying snoopy "smart" speakers:

RuneAudio: A Free Home Media Player
Looking for a free media player like those from long ago, like that old stereo system that blasted tunes while you were chilling at home? Check out RuneAudio.

That's it! That was our week-in-review. We will continue working to make this the best experience for everyone. Remember you can always subscribe to us for free. Not only you get our deep appreciation, but you can also receive this same newsletter directly in your email. Also if you want to discuss any of these posts, or other tech-related news or topics, you can join our Discord as well.